“What I like about the BSME is that it’s continually rethinking the role and purpose of magazines (and their editors!) in the digital age. It’s great for networking, of course. But its many events and talks are also enlightening and informative. I found the BSME indispensable in my early years as an editor.”

Editor, New Statesman; formerly editor of Granta and the Observer Sport Monthly

“The BSME represents and promotes the spirit of our business, the best creativity, great talent and an extraordinary breadth of subject matter. It also brings us all together and reminds us we are doing the same thing. Communicating and sharing what we love with people around the world. So I’m proud to be a member and really appreciate the work the BSME does representing our interests.”

Editorial Director, Waitrose Kitchen

“The BSME is an open forum for the exchange of expertise (ie. I turn up to nick everyone's else's ideas), a valuable sounding-board for an industry at the crossroads of significant change (ie. I turn up to be reassured that everyone else is making it up as they go along, too), and a much-needed support group for those similarly afflicted with an intolerance of misapplied semi-colons. Viva BSME!”

Editor, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine