PRINT AND/OR DIGITAL including content based Brand Extensions (e.g. Events, Awards, Clubs etc) and excluding Campaigns


  • Editors of British magazines and digital titles whose titles have launched after 1 April 2018, and who have been editing the title for at least four months since the launch date

  • If your title has relaunched but retained the same name you are not eligible to enter the Launch category and should enter the relevant Editors of the Year or other categories - click here for category list

  • You may, if eligible, enter other award categories, excluding the Editor of the Year categories - click here for category list. Please ensure you submit a complete set of material for each entry

  • Print titles must be published at least twice a year and you must have edited a minimum of three issues (two if your title is published twice yearly) in the period 1 April 2018 to 31 July 2019


  • Who demonstrate editorial innovation and excellence

  • Whose brand has made a significant impact on its market and on its audience



Tell us in no more than 500 words what you’ve done that marks you out as exceptional. Key points to address might be:

1.   What are your brand objectives, who is your audience and how does your brand fit into the marketplace?

2.   How have you met your objectives?

3.   How have you made use of your resources?

4.   What has been the response, audience measurement or feedback to this launch?


All titles:

  • Complete the online form below

  • Save a copy for your records

  • Pay online below or call the BSME office to pay by BACS   

Print titles:

Print off one copy and send to the BSME office with two copies of three magazines, including the launch issue, available during the period 1 April 2018 to 31 July 2019 that you think best show how your brand meets the criteria

Digital titles:

Email a copy of the completed entry form, a screengrab of your web traffic analytics (such as Google Analytics or similar), an article from the launch and two other examples of content from the period 1 April 2018 to 31 July 2019 that you think best show how your brand meets the criteria.


BSME Member:  £130.00 + VAT

Independent BSME Member:  £110.00 + VAT

Non-Member:  £250.00 + VAT

Independent Non-Member:  £150.00 + VAT

Please note that:

* If you were not a member of the BSME on 1 June 2019 the non-member rate is applicable

* The Independent rate is only applicable to Publishers of no more than a few core titles whose financial and creative decisions are made by the same person/people

* The Non-Member rate includes membership of the BSME until 31 December 2019, but does not allow entry to the 2020 Talent Awards at the Member Rate

* Entries will not be processed until payment is received. 

* Please complete and submit the form and then return to the category page and click here to pay online, or call the BSME office on 020 8906 4664 to pay by BACS


Please note:

  • Incomplete entries will not be processed

  • Entries received without payment will not be processed

  • Entries and supporting material will not be returned

Print Titles:

  • Mark your entry BSME Awards and add the name of your own title

  • Send it to: BSME Administration, Gill Branston & Associates, 137 Hale Lane, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 9QP

  • Entries will be accepted only between 10.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday

Digital Titles:

  • Please email your entry form, examples of work and attachments to with your brand and category name in the email title. If you are entering more than one category, please send a separate email for each category.

  • Please note that you will receive an acknowledgement email. If you do not receive this please call the BSME office on 020 8906 4664