2018 BSME Talent Awards

The British Society of Magazine Editors’ Talent Awards were announced on Monday, 4 June at Lalit London.


JOINT WINNERS: Sophie Barnes, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group &
Catriona Innes, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK

Jennifer Savin, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK
Kate Green, Country Life, Time Inc. UK
Jonathan Heaf, GQ, Condé Nast Britain
Michael Brooks, New Scientist, New Scientist Ltd
Emanuele Midolo, Property Week, Metropolis
Guy Hobbs, Which Travel?, Which? Ltd

WINNER: Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist, New Scientist Ltd

Jessica Mairs, Dezeen, Dezeen Limited
Stuart McGurk, GQ, Condé Nast Britain
Angus Harrison, VICE, VICE UK
Lisa Galliers, Which?, Which? Ltd
Matt Burgess, Wired.co.uk, Condé Nast Britain
Rowland Manthorpe, Wired.co.uk, Condé Nast Britain

WINNER: Jennifer Savin, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK

Alastair Campbell & Jonathan Heaf, GQ, Condé Nast Britain
Laura Atkinson, Sunday Times Style, News UK
Natalie Hitchins, Matt Knight, Paul Lester, Francesca Lo Castro, Victoria Pearson, Ben Stockton & Jack Turner, Which?, Which? Ltd
Faye Lipson, Which? Money, Which? Ltd
Oliver Franklin-Wallis, Wired, Condé Nast Britain
Roisin Dervish-O’Kane, Women’s Health, Hearst Magazines UK


Grace Lewis, Nagarjuna Thallam & Claire Vandenberghe, C+D, UBM
Catriona Harvey-Jenner, Cosmopolitan.com/UK, Hearst Magazines UK
Conrad Quilty-Harper, GQ.co.uk, Condé Nast Britain
Andrea Moro & Tracy Ramsden, Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK
Andrew Laughlin, Which.co.uk, Which? Ltd

WINNER: Matt Richardson, Cedar Communications
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Charlie Hall, Mosaicscience.com, Wellcome Trust

Nicole Holcroft-Emmess, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK
Hannah Ridley, Harper’s Bazaar, Hearst Magazines UK
Andy Greenacre, Telegraph Magazine, Telegraph Media Group
Kate Hockenhull, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, News UK

WINNER: Matt Burgess, Wired.co.uk, Condé Nast Britain

Jack Simpson, Construction News, Metropolis
David Hatcher, EG, RBI
Luke Barratt, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group
Carolyn Wickware, Pulse, Cogora
Trevor Baker, Which? Travel, Which? Ltd

WINNER: Lauren Atkinson-Smith, National Geographic Traveller (UK), APL Media

Victoria Horn, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK
Isabella Fernandes, easyJet Traveller, Ink
Katie Wilkinson, Modus, Sunday
Ryan Wills, New Scientist, New Scientist Ltd
Katerina Varnavides, Waitrose Food, John Brown Media
Nathalie Gimson, Women’s Health, Hearst Magazines UK

WINNER: Lynne McKenna, Fabulous, News UK

Tracey Lea Sayer, Thesun.co.uk/fabulous, News UK
Paula Moore, Woman, Time Inc. UK

WINNER: Lucy Brown & Jon Squire, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Joanna Bregosz, Angus Dawson, Charlotte Gorbold,
Louise Keable, Claire Kielczewska, Anna Kierstan, Hannah McEwen, Melinda Powers, Paul Ryan, Jack Tomlin, Melanie Train & Alastair Warman, Which?, Which? Ltd

Maria Hodson, BBC Countryfile, Immediate Media Co
Claire Frost, Charlotte Goodwin, Stacey Halls, Michelle Higgins & Kirsty Spence, Fabulous, News UK

WINNER: Andrew Diprose & Mary Lees, Wired, Condé Nast Britain

Emily Anderson, Steve Ayres, Heather Clark, Emma Earnshaw & Lucy Ford, Country Life,
Time Inc. UK
Amy Blacker, Amy Galvin, Joanna Goodby & Leanne Robson, Harper’s Bazaar, Hearst Magazines UK
James Davies, Danielle Jenkins, Camilla Josephs & Kara Wright, Harrods Magazine, Harrods Ltd
Sam Walker & Katie Wilkinson, Modus, Sunday
Daniel Almeroth, Lauren Atkinson-Smith & Philip Lay, National Geographic Traveller (UK),
APL Media
Kathryn Brazier, Adam Goff, Joe Hetzel, Dave Johnston, Kirstin Kidd, Craig Mackie, David
Stock, Prue Waller & Ryan Wills, New Scientist, New Scientist Ltd

WINNER: Valeria Fiore, Melissa Jacobs, Sofia Lind, Alex Matthews King & Carolyn Wickware, Pulse News Team, Cogora

Morgan Jeffery, DigitalSpy.com TV Editor, Hearst Magazines UK
Emily Cope & Claie Wilson, Fabulous Features Team, News UK
Helena Lee & Hannah Ridley, Harper’s Bazaar Art Supplement, Hearst Magazines UK
Michael Barnett, Mindi Chahal, Thomas Hobbs, Erin Lyons, Leonie Roderick, Charlotte Rogers,
Lucy Tesseras & Sarah Vizard, Marketing Week Features Team, Centaur Media
Richard Webb, New Scientist Features Editor, New Scientist Ltd
Alex Allen, Katie Bowman, Liz Edwards, Alicia Miller, Nick Redman & Lucy Thackray, The
Sunday Times Travel Magazine Features Team, News UK
Yvette Fletcher, Natalie Hitchins, Olivia Howes & Joanna Pearl, Which? Health Team,
Which? Ltd

WINNER: Olivia Mull, Dezeen, Dezeen Limited

Shoshana Goldberg, Amy Grier, Lottie Lumsden & Farrah Storr, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK
Martin Hilditch, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group
Rosie Benson, Lucy Pavia, Tracy Ramsden, Lydia Regis, Andrea Thompson & Kate Thompson, Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK
Matthew Jackson, Natalie Jackson, Maria Pieri & Pat Riddell, National Geographic Traveller (UK), APL Media
Anna Sbuttoni, Sunday Times Style, News UK

WINNER: Thomas Bell, Kishan Chauhan, Daniella Delaney Mendes, Francesca Lo Castro & Ben Slater, Which?, Which? Ltd

Lucy Alderson & The Editorial Team, Construction News, EMAP
Amy Grier & Farrah Storr, Cosmopolitan, Hearst Magazines UK
Lucy Dunhill, Craig Mackie, Chloe Thompson & Andrew Wilkinson, New Scientist,
New Scientist Ltd
Fleur Britten, Sunday Times Style, News UK

WINNER: Jake Wilson, Match of the Day, Immediate Media Co

Daniel Graham, BBC Countryfile, Immediate Media Co
Megan Shersby, BBC Wildlife, Immediate Media Co
Elizabeth Kennedy, Harrods Magazine, Harrods Ltd
Melissa Lawford, High Life, Cedar Communications

WINNER: Laurence Mozafari, DigitalSpy.com, Hearst Magazines UK

Gemma Charles, Campaign, Haymarket Media Group
Hannah Hudson, Cedar Communications
Lydia Slater, Harper’s Bazaar, Hearst Magazines UK
Glen Mutel, National Geographic Traveller (UK), APL Media
Jaimie Kaffash, Pulse, Cogora
Jenny Ross, Which? Money, Which? Ltd

WINNER: James Waldron, C+D, UBM
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Claire Hodgson, Cosmopolitan.com/UK, Hearst Magazines UK

Tom Rowley, Healthy For Men, The River Group
Patrick Galbraith, Shooting Times & Country, Time Inc. UK
Beth Kennedy, The Pharmacist, Cogora
Rory Boland, Which? Travel, Which? Ltd


Many thanks to the following for supporting the 2018 BSME Talent Awards:

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The Rise and Fall and Rise...of Music Magazines

On Wednesday 23 May at the Citizen M, Tower Hill, the BSME hosted a panel discussion about music magazines, entitled ‘The Rise and Fall and Rise of Music Mags’, with Richard Williams (MM, OGWT, Blue Moment), Jo Frost (Songlines) and Phil Hebblethwaite (Former editor/publisher of The Stool Pigeon, freelance music journalist (BBC Music, The Quietus).

Music magazines are resilient. Despite the proliferation of websites and blogs that can easily embed audio and video files, there is still something special about the appeal of reading about music on the printed page. Look in any mag store (high street or indie), supermarket rack or music shop and you will see dozens of titles – much-loved printed magazines that cover almost every genre. Mags that appeal both to nostalgia and to their readers’ appetites for the next big thing. There are weeklies such as Kerrang! and monthlies including Uncut, Q, Mojo, Mixmag, all with substantial circulation figures.

Add to this titles such as Blues & Soul, DJ Monthly, Maverick, fRoots, Jazzwise, Songlines, relative newcomers such as Long Live Vinyl and Electronic Sound and titles that go back generations, including Jazz Journal (launched in 1946) and The Musical Times (est. 1844). Most genres are covered by at least one print mag.

There are also consumer magazines such as What Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Choice, the industry weekly Music Week, classical music journals such as Gramophone, Opera, BBC Music magazine and titles focused on the challenges of learning and creating music: Guitar Techniques, Guitar and Bass, Sound on Sound, Future Music, Music Teacher, and so on. The Wire continues to document a dizzyingly wide span of contemporary innovation, while indie title Brick looks at hip-hop with a photographer’s eye. And that’s before we even get on to the topic of fanzines and fiercely local music mags.

These magazines may have little in common apart from a commitment to print and an obsession with music. But maybe that’s enough. All print magazines have to fight their corner of the media landscape. Though the music business is not the cash-stuffed behemoth it seemed to be in the days of the weekly ‘inkies’ (MM, NME, Sounds, Record Mirror, etc.) or the eras of Smash Hits, The Face, Jockey Slut and Straight No Chaser (which recently made a comeback), people continue to love music. Buying magazines about the music they love remains part of the picture.


Making Podcasts Work

Making Podcasts work.jpg

After an inauspicious start, the growth of podcasts has been one of the content stories of recent times with 24% of UK adults having listened to them in 2017!

But how do you make them work for your title? What content do you need? Who should you get to do them? What equipment do you need to make them work?

Heat’s Lucie Cave chaired a panel of podcast experts to offer insight and answer all of your questions on Tuesday, 6 March at the Which? offices. Sharing their views at this exclusive BSME event were: Empire podcast host Chris Hewitt, David Hepworth from the A Word In Your Ear podcast and Jo Elvin, editor of YOU Magazine and host of the Is it Just Me? podcast.

A bit about our panel…


Legendary music journalist, presenter, writer and publishing industry expert and analyst who has launched several successful British magazines including Q, Heat, Empire and The Word.

A Word In Your Ear Podcast

Ten years ago he wrote the billing on iTunes for a podcast which said "David Hepworth and Mark Ellen and kindred spirits talk about music and related matters and laugh until they cry."

278 episodes later, the magazine from which it was launched has long gone but the billing is still the same and the podcast soldiers on in the shape of a live event which takes place in a pub in Islington and is subsequently a podcast. Recent guests have included Armando Iannucci and Danny Baker.



Award-winning former editor-in-chief of Glamour and incoming editor of YOU magazine, presenter and keynote speaker.

Is It Just Me? Podcast

Co-hosted with James Williams, it’s the podcast where they put the trivial front and centre of the conversation. Is it just me who wants to make group dinner outings illegal? Or has a completely different personality, depending on who I’m with at any given moment and it is just me who has absolutely no clue what I’m doing with my life?

Each week Jo and James are joined by a celebrity guest to debate the unimportant matters that somehow really do matter. A lot. Guests have included Jameela Jamil, Suranne Jones, Davina McCall, Graham Norton and Jennifer Saunders to name a small few!



The award-winning writer, broadcaster and Associate Editor of Empire (and Empire film podcast host!)

Empire Podcast

The Empire film podcast – which gets up to 100,000 downloads a week – covers reviews, news and interviews with the world’s biggest filmmakers and actors.  Previous guests include Robert de Niro, Harrison Ford, Meryl Streep, Armie Hammer, Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Jackman, Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Stanley Tucci, Margot Robbie, Sir Ridley Scott, Tom Hanks, Sir Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Radcliffe, Denzel Washington and Michelle Williams.


The event was be moderated by Committee member and Editorial Director of Heat and Bauer Adventure.

The Media Trends You Need to Know for 2018

We kicked off 2018 in style on Tuesday evening, 9 January with our Future Thinking event.  Members and their guests found out what the next big things are in the world of media thanks to Rebecca Ironside, Head of Qualitative Research, who forecasted the future with her insightful look at what lies ahead for 2018. 

Generously hosted by Which? it was free for members who had renewed their 2018 membership, and just £20 for guests.  

6 things every editor needs to know in 2018

In a world swimming with data, should an editor rely on intel or instinct? And just how important is the copy when the audience increasingly craves pictures?

These were just two of the searching questions raised by Rebceca Ironside’s excellent presentation to BSME members on Future Thinking’s media trends to watch in 2018. Here are the key take-outs.


1. Data – the more we know, the less we really know?

Ninety per cent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, but less than half a per cent of it is used to make decisions. That sounds woefully profligate, but editors have already seen the danger of leaning too heavily on data. Data doesn’t always accurately predict human behaviour - it didn’t predict Brexit or Trump, for example. But how many times since those watershed events have you heard commentators say that those who were out and about speaking with people – around the UK and US – had a better feel for the way those votes would eventually pan out?

Editors always want to know their audience as intimately as possible, and data-mining makes it seem easier than ever to get this insight. But in among all the data, don’t forget the humans. Data’s a great jumping off point - but real conversations, and real understanding of people’s needs and attitudes, are still essential for honing editorial instinct.


2. More pictures, less copy?

[As your art director has undoubtedly said before…]. Are words on the wane and visuals on the up? Our brains have always retained images better than words, and language is certainly becoming more visual. So while the right choice of images has always been important, it’s now vital – even more so for engaging younger audiences. Editors must increasingly spend time curating great images that tell the story, just as much as they do shaping the copy.


3. Get a grip on your real digital rivals

Rivalry between titles and publishers may make the media world go round, but your audience frankly couldn’t care less. Instead, they’re measuring you against all the other brands they interact with digitally – Amazon, BBC, Netflix etc. We’re all competing for the same precious time, attention and revenue, so editors must first identify the broader digital rivals that aim to scratch the same consumer itch, then figure out how to beat them.


4. Nurture your social channels

Social media is increasingly your brand’s shop window, so can you really afford to leave it to one or two more junior members of staff? Readers’ expectations of customer service, conversation and interaction are all on the up, so if you’re pushing out posts to stimulate engagement, make sure you actually engage – don’t start a conversation only to walk away. For publishers, these interactions are too important to be divorced from the brand’s editorial voice, so if you’re not already all over your social output, 2018 is the year to make sure you are…


5. ‘Alexa, how good is my copy?’

With the rise of Alexa (et al), is your title ready for the era of voice and AI? While many consumers are still sceptical about AI as a technology, voice search is already here to stay – be it on your mobile or via Alexa, for example. But the way we speak to our devices is very different to what we type in a search box, so editors and writers must optimise their content for both. According to Future Thinking, 63% of people haven’t yet used voice search, but 16% are using it daily, with younger audiences driving the most growth. Harness the opportunity, or ignore it at your peril.


6. Relate to your readers, whatever the platform

For editors of magazine brands figuring out how their brand will thrive and survive in the digital age, Rebecca says the key is building strong relationships with readers, whatever the platform. Editors and their teams have a major role to play here – understanding the differences between what readers want in print, digital and social, plus audio and video, and varying the approach for each. It’s hard when resources are already stretched, so tightly focused, integrated commissioning is essential for multi-channel success.


Rebecca Ironside (@RebeccaIronside) is Head of Qualitative Research at Future Thinking (futurethinking.com).


The results were announced at the 2017 BSME Awards Dinner at The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel

Here is a selection of images from the evening. 

Scroll down to see the winners and highly commended.  The full shortlist can be viewed here.



Editor of the Year - Gardens & Country: Fergus Collins, BBC Countryfile, Immediate Media

Editor of the Year - Homes & Interiors: Hatta Byng, House & Garden, Condé Nast Britain 

Editor of the Year - Entertainment & Celebrity: Rosie Nixon, HELLO!, Hello Ltd

Editor of the Year - Business & Finance: Harry Rose, Which Money?, Which? Ltd

Editor of the Year - Trade & Professional: Emma Maier, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group (Highly Commended: Christine Murray, Architects’ Journal, Emap)

Editor of the Year - Health & Fitness: Sara Ward, Slimming World Magazine, Slimming World

Editor of the Year - Food & DrinkKaren Barnes, delicious. Magazine, Eye to Eye Media

Editor of the Year - Technology: Greg Williams, Wired, Condé Nast Britain (Highly Commended: Bryan Glick, Computer Weekly, Techtarget)

Art Director of the Year – Consumer: Chris Hitchcock, The Times Magazine, News UK

Art Director of the Year – Branded Content: Kerry Wakefield, Waitrose Food, John Brown Media (Highly Commended: Sarah Barnett, N by Norwegian, Ink)

Art Director of the Year – B2B: Chris Barker, Work., Haymarket

Launch Of The Year - Will Dunn, Spotlight, Progressive Digital Media

Columnist of the Year – B2B: Helen Edwards, Campaign, Haymarket

Columnist of the Year – Consumer: Melanie Reid, The Times Magazine, News UK



Editor of the Year - Current Affairs & Politics: Jason Cowley, New Statesman, Progressive Digital Media

Editor of the Year - Music, Arts & Literary: Helen Hawkins, Culture, News UK

Editor of the Year - Sport: Ian Foster, Match of the Day, Immediate Media

Editor of the Year - Travel: Melinda Stevens, Condé Nast Traveller, Condé Nast Britain 

Editor of the Year - Style: Andrew Barker, Mr Porter, Yoox-Net-A-Porter

Editor of the Year - Branded Content: Helena Lang, Sainsbury's Magazine, SevenC3

Editor of the Year - Specialist: Richard Headland, Which? Which? Ltd (Highly Commended: Amy Frearson, Dezeen, Dezeen Limited) 

Editor of the Year - Men's & Women's Premium: Dylan Jones OBE, GQ, Condé Nast Britain (Highly Commended: Lisa Sykes, The Simple Things, Iceberg Press)

Editor of the Year – Newspaper Magazine; Joint Winner: Sinead McIntyre, Fabulous, News UK // Joint Winner: Nicola Jeal, The Times Magazine, News UK

Cover of the Year - B2B:  Sonny Dhamu, Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group

Cover of the Year - Consumer: Scott Maclean, The Big Issue, The Big Issue

The Mark Boxer Award: Jane Bruton

Editors' Editor of the Year: Alexandra Shulman OBE


2017 Summer Party

On Tuesday, 4 July we had our own exclusive area on the Somerset House Terrace, Presented by Peroni Amba, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm where BSME members and their guests mixed, mingled and networked whilst enjoying free Peroni Ambra and pizza!  



2017 BSME Talent Awards

The British Society of Magazine Editors’ Talent Awards were announced on Tuesday, 6 June at Cargo.

2016 BSME AWARDS WINNERS + SHORTLIST (To see what the Judges' said, click here!)


WINNER: Joanna Bregosz, Chris Cox, Angus Dawson, Charlotte Gorbold, Louise Keable, Claire Kielczewska, Anna Kierstan, Hannah McEwen, Mel Powers, Paul Ryan, Mel Train & Al Warman - Which?, Which? Ltd

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Russell Deeks & Alice Lipscombe-Southwell - BBC Focus, Immediate Media

Marie Farquharson & Cheryl Freedman - Healthy & Healthy For Men, The River Group

Tom Allsop & Olivia McLearon - High Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications

Tom Campbell, Vivienne Greig, Eleanor Harris, Hannah Joshua, Emma Keelan, Richard Lim, Eleanor Parsons, Chris Simms & Gareth Wilmer - New Scientist, RBI

Jon Axford, Jessica Bowden, Jo Czechowska, Stuart Dade, Patsy Dunne, Michelle Harrison, Susannah Hockham, Jackie Holtham, Muzakkir Iqbal, Mark Morris, Lucy Parley, Heather Ransome & Karen Staddon - Time Inc. UK - Women's Lifestyle Production Hub, Time Inc. UK



WINNER: Andrew Diprose, Phill Fields & Mary Lees - Wired, Condé Nast Britain

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dave Kelsall & Mike Mansfield - The Week Junior, Dennis Publishing

Olly Gibbs, Chris Lupton & James Ramsay - Empire, Bauer Media Group

Gillian McNeill & Nicki Smith - Olive, Immediate Media

Rebecca Cooper, Rory Elphick, Graham Saville, Nina Brennan, Jack Huntley, David Jackson, India Jackson, David Jenkins,   Nic Myhill, Iona Newton & Alex Whitfield - Tesco GM Publications, Cedar Communications

Sarah Tangwood, Katerina Varnavides & Kerry Wakefield - Waitrose Food, John Brown Media



WINNER: Sofia Lind, Alex Matthews-King, Caroline Price & Carolyn Wickware - Pulse News Team, Cogora

Lilian Anekwe, Annabelle Collins, Thomas Cox & Grace Lewis - C+D News Team, UBM

Nick de Semlyen - Empire Features Editor, Bauer Media Group

Eleanor Jones - Goodtoknow.co.uk Video Editor, Time Inc. UK

Sally Adee, Gilead Amit, Catherine Brahic, Daniel Cossins, Catherine De Lange, Kate Douglas, Joshua Howgego, Graham Lawton, Tiffany O'Callaghan, Richard Webb & Caroline Williams - New Scientist Features Team, RBI

Sally Adee, Jacob Aron, Andy Coghlan, Leah Crane, Niall Firth, Lisa Grossman, Jessica Hamzelou, Alice Klein, Michael Le Page, Timothy Revell, Penny Sarchet, Mico Tatalovic, Vicki Turk, Jon White, Chelsea Whyte, Clare Wilson & Sam Wong -   New Scientist News Team, RBI

James Halliwell & Megan Tatum - The Grocer Features Desk, William Reed Business Media

Jeremy White - Wired Product Editor, Condé Nast Britain



WINNER: Tom Havell - Time Out London, Time Out

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Nina Brennan - Tesco Magazine, Cedar Communications

Joanna Levitas - Healthy, The River Group

Nicki Smith - Olive, Immediate Media

Julia Canavan - Radio Times, Immediate Media

Katerina Varnavides - Waitrose Food, John Brown Media



WINNER: Olly Gibbs - Empire Online, Bauer Media Group

Sarah McGinnis - Get The Gloss, Bellatricks

Robbie Mailer-Howat - Love, Condé Nast Britain

Lisa Gillard - which.co.uk, Which? Ltd



WINNER: Oliver Franklin-Wallis - Wired, Condé Nast Britain

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Alexi Duggins - Time Out London, Time Out

Stuart McGurk - GQ, Condé Nast Britain

Andy Morris - High Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications

Alexandra Jones - Stylist, Shortlist Media

Kira Agass - Woman / Woman's Own, Time Inc. UK



WINNER: Bethan Holt - telegraph.co.uk/fashion, Telegraph Media Group

Sirin Kale - Broadly UK, Vice Media

Ben Dowell - radiotimes.com, Immediate Media

Eleanor Bley Griffiths - radiotimes.com, Immediate Media

Sarah Biddlecombe - Stylist.co.uk, Shortlist Media

Ben Stockton - which.co.uk, Which? Ltd



WINNER: Nick de Semlyen - Empire: Fellowship Of The Ring: 15th Anniversary Special, Bauer Media Group

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Greg Williams - Wired: White Cargo, Condé Nast Britain

Sandra Marques, Matt McEvoy & Su-San Sit - Forever Sports: Porn Star Fitness, Haymarket

Catherine Brahic, Graham Lawton & Richard Webb - New Scientist: Metaphysics, RBI

Kate Barrett, TF Chan, Nick Compton, Sarah Douglas, Alex Milnes & Nick Vinson - Wallpaper*: Subscriber Since 1996, Time Inc. UK

Matt Clear & Natalie Hitchins - Which?: Black Friday - Deal Or No Deal?, Which? Ltd

Andrew Laughlin - Which?: Software Updates: A Step Backwards, Which? Ltd



JOINT WINNER: Olivia Mull - Dezeen: Dezeen Hot List, Dezeen

JOINT WINNER: Eleanor Jones - Goodtoknow.co.uk: #MumWins, Time Inc. UK

Grazia Team - Grazia Daily: Facebook Live, Bauer Media Group

Jonathan Bacon, Lucy Handley, Jo Roberts, Nicola Smith & Lucy Tesseras - marketingweek.com: 100 Disruptive Brands, Centaur Media

Vicky Spratt - The Debrief: Make Renting Fair, Bauer Media Group

Martin Coomer, Gail Tolley & Phoebe Trimingham - Time Out London: 40 Best Photos Of London Ever Taken, Time Out



WINNER: Joanna Moran - Empire, Bauer Media Group

James Cutmore - BBC Focus, Immediate Media

Steph Seelan - Heat, Bauer Media Group

Deborah Castle - Hello! Fashion Monthly, HELLO!

Peta Bell - Mosaic Science, The Wellcome Trust

Dalia Nassimi & Steve Peck - Wired, Condé Nast Britain



WINNER: Matt Stevens - Which?: Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Which? Ltd

Peter Apps, Sophie Barnes & Martin Hilditch - Inside Housing: L&G To Launch Largest Housebuilding Factory In Europe, Ocean Media Group

Ben Dowell - radiotimes.com: Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat Quits To Be Replaced By Broadchurch Creator Chris Chibnall, Immediate Media

Tom Gormer - Stylist: Made By Politicians Issue, Shortlist Media

Matt Clear - Which?: Black Friday - Deal Or No Deal?, Which? Ltd



WINNER: Caroline Baxter - Woman, Time Inc. UK

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Chloe Jackson - Look, Time Inc. UK

Lynne McKenna - Fabulous, News UK

Elgar Johnson - GQ, Condé Nast Britain

Gemma Hayward - Grazia, Bauer Media Group

Des Lewis – Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK

Sophie Warbuton - The Telegraph - Stella / Telegraph Magazine / Telegraph Food & Drink Guide, Telegraph Media Group



WINNER: Emma Justice - woman&home, Time Inc. UK

Lilian Anekwe - C+D, UBM

Ellie O'Mahoney & Gayle Schoales - Fabulous, News UK

Sarah Allard - Goodtoknow.co.uk, Time Inc. UK

Miranda McMinn - Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK

Jaimie Kaffash - Pulse, Cogora



WINNER: James Lloyd - BBC Focus, Immediate Media

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Eleanor Vousden - Powder, Time Inc. UK

Francesca Specter - Healthy & Healthy For Men, The River Group

Matthew Whitehouse - i-D, Vice Media

Layla Haidrani - Nursing Standard, RCNi

Sarah Carson - Radio Times, Immediate Media


Many thanks to the following for supporting the 2017 BSME Talent Awards:

  • Our generous Drinks Sponsors Captain Morgan and Smirnoff
  • Maitre Choux for the delicious eclairs

Thanks also to the following for our fantastic raffle prizes which raised money for The Sick Children's Trust

  • Lunch or Dinner for two at El Pastór, to value of £70
  • A Martini at Dukes Bar, followed by dinner for two in Dukes’ new signature restaurant
  • An overnight stay for two with Breakfast and Dinner at the OXBO Restaurant up to the value of £150 at the Hilton London Bankside
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Instagram Breakfast

Editors met for a breakfast briefing at London’s Marylebone Hotel to hear from Sunil Singhvi, UK Head of Strategic Partnerships, and Laura Clare, UK Head of Communications at Instagram, explain how their magazines can make the most of Instagram.  Many thanks to our breakfast event sponsor, The Doyle Collection for hosting this event.

Pinterest Breakfast

Magazines and Pinterest would seem to be made for each other - both are about all browsing visuals, ideas and inspiration. Pinterest started with the simple question “Why isn’t there a tool for collecting all the great things you find across the Internet?” It now attracts 10m monthly unique visitors in the UK alone. 

Editors met for a breakfast briefing at London’s Marylebone Hotel to hear from Ayumi Nakajima, Product and Partnerships at Pinterest UK, explain how their magazines can make the most of Pinterest. Here’s 20 top tips we took away from the briefing, which was free for BSME members.  Many thanks to our breakfast event sponsor, The Doyle Collection for hosting this event.

  1. “Be yourself, notyour selfie.” People are in Pinterest principally to gather their own inspiration and ideas, not to interact with others or broadcast what they’re doing right now as people do in other social media. It is inward facing rather than outward facing.

  2. Pinterest users Discover and do. Remember they are looking for things that are helpful to them in the real world and to act upon them. The audience is actively looking for ideas.

  3. Provide a good click-through. If there’s no click-through it’s just disappointing. For example, you want to know how to make a recipe not just to look at the fniished dish. It’s not surprising then that three quarters of Pins come from businesses.

  4. Business content comes to Pinterest in 3 ways:

    1. The Pinterest browser button that some users have installed in their browsers

    2. The Save buttons on websites with a social media ‘share this’ bar. This is the most common route.

    3. The business’s profile on Pinterest.

  5. Post early for Christmas – or any other seasonal event. People use Pinterest to plan rather than to report on their activity. So for everything from Glastonbury to Mother’s Day, the searches in Pinterest peak well before the events themselves – as much as a month before.

  6. ‘Drip feed’ your posts rather than publishing them all at once, to make them go further and get more attention.  

  7. Try to make your posts about ideas that are these three things: helpful, beautiful and actionable.  People use Pinterest for shopping, with 93% using it to plan or make purchases. 72% have seen something on Pinterest that they later bought offline and 63% check items they have pinned when they are at a brick and mortar store.  

  8.  Make your Pin description detailed. Pinterest is more than just pretty pictures, they are meant to be useful and inspirational so use a few sentences to round up some keywords that will surface your Pin in searches. Hint at what’s on the click-through.

  9. The Board description is also important but make it short and sweet

  10. Taller pins take up more space in feeds so go for a vertical aspect ratio 2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600px

  11. Choose compelling images. For product shots consider pictures that show it in use or use multiples like different colours or options

  12. Text overlays on pictures are compelling and give people a reason to click on them

  13. Use strong calls to action like ‘buy now’ in the description and softer ones like ‘explore summer looks’ in overlays

  14. Pin videos from Vimeo or YouTube. They can do well if they’re on the right subject, for example, food or beauty

  15. Incorporate you brand’s logo or masthead into your Pins. Its credibility can increase click-throughs.

  16. Use simple formats like step-by-step guides, tutorials or lists.

  17. Looks for opportunities to contribute to curated boards made by Pinterest’s editorial team.

  18. Invest in an event with Pinterest. An example is the Stylist magazine’s three-day pop-up event in London with workshops based on Pinterest ideas.

  19. Run a simple competition on Pinterest

  20. Try out the new Pinterest Lens – a button on the mobile app that snaps an object and searches Pinterest to provide more information about it. With answers like what it is, where you can buy it and so on, it’s a bit like a Shazam for images.

2016 Christmas Quiz

The event took place on Tuesday, 6 December at the Phoenix Artists' Club. Guests enjoyed drinks, sharing platters for the tables, a bumper BSME Christmas gift bag and – of course – a cracking prize for the winning table. There was also a raffle in aid of the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, with some fantastic prizes. 

Here is a selection of images from the evening.


The results were announced at the 2016 BSME Awards Dinner at The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel

Here is a selection of images from the evening. 

Scroll down to see the shortlist and winners.



Business Brand - Monthly or Less Frequent

WINNER: Nigel Praities - Pulse, Cogora

Lysanne Currie - Director,Institute of Directors

Dickon Ross - E&T, IET

Mark Hansford - New Civil Engineer, Plexus

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler - Supply Management, Haymarket

Christine Murray - The Architectural Review, Plexus


Business Brand - Weekly/Fortnightly/More Frequent

WINNER: Jenni Middleton - Nursing Times, Plexus

Christine Murray - Architects' Journal, Plexus

Russell Parsons - Marketing Week, Centaur Media

Liz Hamson - Property Week, Metropolis

Tristan O'Hana - Pub & Bar, H2O Publishing

Catrin Griffiths - The Lawyer, Centaur Media


Branded Content - Business

WINNER: John L.Walters - Pulp, Eye Magazine Limited

Tim Hulse - Business Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications

Kenny MacIver - I-CIO, Seven

Rachel Gould - Modern Barber, Modern Barber Ltd

Oliver Parsons - Modus, Sunday

Robert Jeffery - People Management, Haymarket


Branded Content - Consumer

WINNER: Nigel Evans - &London, Sunday

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Simon Kurs - easyJet Traveller, Ink

Joely Carey - Homemadebyyou.co.uk, Gravity Road

Vanessa Thompson - John Lewis Edition, John Brown Media

Helena Lang - Sainsbury's Magazine, Seven

William Sitwell - Waitrose Food, John Brown Media

Luke Ponsford - Zoom Zoom (Mazda), Redwood


Lifestyle Brand

WINNER: Paul McNamee - The Big Issue, The Big Issue

Gillian Carter - BBC Good Food, BBC Worldwide/Immediate Media

Melinda Stevens - Condé Nast Traveller, Condé Nast Britain

Karen Barnes - delicious. Magazine, Eye to Eye Media

Pat Riddell - National Geographic Traveller (UK), APL Media

Ed Grenby - The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, News UK

Tony Chambers - Wallpaper*, Time Inc. UK

Jill Starley-Grainger - Which? Travel, Which? Ltd


Entertainment Brand

WINNER: Mike Williams - NME, Time Inc. UK

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Terri White - Empire, Bauer Media Group

Helen Hawkins - Culture, News UK

Simon Brew - denofgeek.com, Dennis Publishing

Ben Preston - Radio Times, Immediate Media

Caroline McGinn - Time Out, Time Out


Special Interest Brand

WINNER: Rachael Jolley - Index on Censorship, Sage

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Richard Headland - Which?, Which? Ltd

Rob Attar - BBC History Magazine, Immediate Media

Mark Hedges - Country Life, Time Inc. UK

Ellie Hughes - Healthy, River

Harry Rose - Which? Money, Which? Ltd


Men's Brand

WINNER: Dylan Jones - GQ, Condé Nast Britain

HIGHLY COMMENDED: James Charlton - Forever Sports, Haymarket

Matthew Todd - Attitude, Attitude Media

Jeremy Langmead - Mr Porter, YOOX-NET-A-PORTER GROUP


Women's Brand - Monthly or Less Frequent

WINNER: Penny Martin - The Gentlewoman, Fantastic Woman

Juliet Herd - Hello! Fashion Monthly, HELLO!

Charlotte Moore - InStyle, Time Inc. UK

Lucy Yeomans - Porter, YOOX-NET-A-PORTER GROUP

Alexandra Shulman - Vogue, Condé Nast Britain

Sue James - woman&home, Time Inc. UK


Women's Brand - Weekly/Fortnightly/More Frequent

WINNER: Lisa Smosarski - Stylist, Shortlist Media Ltd

Marianne Jones - Stella, Telegraph Media Group

Sam Taylor - The Lady, The Lady Ltd

Karen Livermore - Woman, Time Inc. UK

Sharon Reid - Yours, Bauer Media Group


Newspaper / Current Affairs Brand

WINNER: Nicola Jeal - The Times Magazine, News UK

Sinead McIntyre - Fabulous, News UK

Malik Meer - G2, Guardian Media Group

Melissa Denes - Guardian Weekend Magazine, Guardian Media Group

Gillian De Bono - How To Spend It, The Financial Times Ltd

Tyler Brûlé - Monocle, Winkontent Ltd


Independent Brand

WINNER: Marcus Webb &Rob Orchard - Delalyed Gratification, The Slow Journalism Company

Dan Crowe - Avaunt Magazine, Avaunt Magazine

Marcus Fairs - Dezeen, Dezeen Limited

Sam Walton - Hole & Corner, Hole & Corner

Elise Wells - Slimming World, Miles-Bramwell Executive Services Ltd

Pippa Jacks - TTG, TTG Media


The Fiona Macpherson New Editor of the Year

WINNER: Russell Parsons - Marketing Week, Centaur Media

Laura Weir - ES Magazine, ESI Media

Emily Wright - Estates Gazette Investor Guides, RBI

Natasha Pearlman - Grazia, Bauer Media Group

Eleanor Mills - The Sunday Times Magazine, News UK

Rebecca Nicholson - Vice, Vice Media


Art Director of the Year - Business

WINNER: Tom Carpenter - The Architectural Review, Plexus

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aubrey Smith - Supply Management, Haymarket

Brad Yendle - Architects' Journal, Plexus

Paul Pensom - Creative Review, Centaur Media

John Rooney - E&T, IET

Christie Ferdinando - Modus, Sunday

Chris Barker - People Management, Haymarket


Art Director of the Year - Consumer

WINNER: Paul Frost - Forever Sports, Haymarket

Pete Winterbottom - Condé Nast Traveller, Condé Nast Britain

Mark Hayman - Fabulous, News UK

Mark Leeds & Paul Tansley - FT Weekend Magazine, The Financial Times Ltd

Maggie Murphy - Guardian Weekend Magazine, Guardian Media Group

James Wood - My VIP (Pets at Home), John Brown Media

Chris Hitchcock - The Times Magazine, News UK

Sarah Douglas - Wallpaper*, Time Inc. UK


Art Director of the Year - Branded Content

WINNER: Clare Watters - John Lewis Edition, John Brown Media

Barney Pickard - Harrods Magazine, Harrods Publishing

Joanna Keigwin - John Lewis Cook, John Brown Media

Laura Eyres - John Lewis Home, John Brown Media

Richard Murray - Ocadolife, August

Dan Froude - Zoom Zoom (Mazda), Redwood


Launch of the Year

WINNER: Anna Bassi - The Week Junior, Dennis Publishing

Ruth Cassidy - Andy's Amazing Adventures, Immediate Media

Ceri Moorhouse - Eat Healthy, River

Mark MacKenzie - Mondial, Rapha Racing Limited

Laurel Ives - The Dish, News UK

Steve Corbett - TV Soap, News UK


Campaign of the Year

WINNER: Ben Preston - Radio Times, Immediate Media:  DCMS Campaign

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Simon Brew - denofgeek.com, Dennis Publishing:  Geeks Vs Loneliness

Alison Hamlett - London Marathon News, London Marathon Events Limited:  #oneinamillion

Nigel Praities - Pulse, Cogora:  Stop Practice Closures

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler - Supply Management, Haymarket:  Eliminate Supply Chain Slavery

Christine Murray - The Architectural Review, Plexus:  NOTOPIA


Innovation / Brand-Building Initiatve of the Year

WINNER: Alexandra Shulman - Vogue, Condé Nast Britain:  Vogue 100: A Century of Style

Jenni Middleton - Nursing Times, Plexus:  Nursing Times Learning

Ben Preston - Radio Times, Immediate Media:  Radio Times Festival

Lisa Smosarski & Mariam Ahmed - Stylist, Shortlist Media Ltd:  Stylist Live

Richard Parris - Which? Computing, Which? Ltd:  Which? Computing Online and Helpdesk

William Drew, Laura Price & Emer Schlosser - World's 50 Best Restaurants, William Reed Business Media:  The World's 50 Best Restaurants Global Tour


Columnist of the Year - Consumer and General Interest Brands

WINNER: Simon Kuper - FT Weekend Magazine, The Financial Times Ltd

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Damian Barr - The Big Issue, The Big Issue

Matthew d'Ancona - GQ, Condé Nast Britain

Justin Webb - Radio Times, Immediate Media

Alison Graham - Radio Times, Immediate Media

Bryony & Jane Gordon - Stella, Telegraph Media Group


Columnist of the Year - Special Interest and Business Brands

WINNER: John Lewis-Stempel - Country Life, Time Inc. UK

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Mark Ritson - Marketing Week, Centaur Media

Monty Don - BBC Gardeners' World, Immediate Media

Justin Pollard - E&T, IET

Esther Walker - Healthy, River

David Flatman - Sport, Wireless Group


Scoop of the Year

WINNER: Matthew Todd - Attitude, Attitude Media:  Prince William speaks out against homophobic bullying in Attitude

Caroline Price - Pulse, Cogora:  NHS splashes cash on summer houses and holidays while £22bn cuts loom

Alex Matthews-King - Pulse, Cogora:  A moral dilemma:  GP practices offered incentives to cut urgent referrals

Christina Lamb - The Sunday Times Magazine, News UK:  A fight for the soul of the world

Caroline McGinn, Alexi Duggins & Oliver Keens - Time Out, Time Out:  Skepta

Matt Stevens - Which? Travel, Which? Ltd:  The truth about Tripadvisor


Cover of the Year - Business

WINNER: Robert Jeffery & Chris Barker - People Management, Haymarket

Christine Murray - Architects' Journal, Plexus

Tim Hulse & Henry Elphick - Business Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications

Emma Maier &Sonny Dhamu - Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group Limited

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler & Aubrey Smith - Supply Management, Haymarket


Cover of the Year - Consumer

WINNER: Dan Biddulph - The Sunday Times Magazine, News UK

Matthew Todd &Peter Allison - Attitude, Attitude Media

Sinead McIntyre, Alan Gittos & Mark Hayman - Fabulous, News UK

Paul McNamee & Scott Maclean - The Big Issue, The Big Issue

Caroline McGinn, Alexi Duggins, Mark Neil &Gail Tolley - Time Out, Time Out


Editors' Editor of the Year

WINNER: Ben Preston - Radio Times, Immediate Media

Liz Wright - Practical Sheep Goats and Alpacas, Kelsey Media

Zanny Minton-Beddoes - The Economist, The Economist Group

Ed Grenby - The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, News UK

Caroline Law - The Week, Dennis Publishing


The 2016 Mark Boxer Award

Ian Hislop


2016 BSME CONFERENCE: Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway:  How to future-proof you and your brand

The conference took place on Wednesday, 19th October at in association with Central Saint Martins, Graphic Communication Design and Fashion Communication Programmes.

The packed itinerary featured some of the industry’s best-known faces and biggest success stories from recent years, and was designed to give in-depth insight, inspire new ideas, and incite lively debate:



Intro:                  Claire Irvin, BSME Chair and Editorial Director, River

Speaker:             Tony Chambers, Wallpaper*

Interviewer:       Simon Mills, Wallpaper* Bespoke

Simon Mills, Editor of Wallpaper* Bespoke found out how Tony Chambers, Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper* and last year’s BSME Mark Boxer Award winner has managed to futureproof Wallpaper* and how his methods can be applied to your brand. 



Conor McNicholas, Chief Executive Officer, AllTogetherNow

Abba Newbery, Creative Solutions and Commercial Strategy Consultant

Noel Penzer, Chief Executive Officer, Time Out Digital

Moderator:        Lucie Cave, Heat

Lucie Cave, BSME committee member and Editor-in-Chief of Heat to found out how our panel of industry experts have dealt with the ever-changing magazine and digital publishing landscape, and their strategies for feeling the fear and doing it anyway.   



Speaker:            Sam Baker, The Pool

Interviewer:       Zoe Williams

Sam Baker, Co-Founder, CEO and Editor of The Pool chatted to columnist, journalist, and author Zoe Williams about merging broadcast and digital content.

The Pool creates inspiring, original content for busy women covering everything from people and politics to film, fashion and food.



Speaker:            Alexandra Shulman, Vogue

Interviewer:       Louise Chunn

Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Shulman discussed how as an editor she future proofs her brand while forging ahead with industry-defining innovation. 

Alexandra was be interviewed by Louise Chunn, prize-winning journalist and editor, and Founder of Welldoing.org, the website she founded in 2014 to help people find the best therapist for their needs. 

The afternoon conference was followed by networking drinks.



On Monday, 23rd November BSME Members and their guests attended Indie Mag Madness at Mother London. The panel was:

David Jenkins -Little White Lies
The movie magazine that goes beyond the hype without a publicity still in sight – only illustrations. The Guardian called it “the best designed film magazine on the shelf”, and they have collaborated with companies such as Picturehouse and Sony.

David Lane - Editor-in-Chief, The Gourmand
An award-winning, uncompromising biannual food and culture journal that avoids some of the conventions of food mags in its typography, illustration, photography and production values, and works with brands such as Ally Capellino and Vitsoe.

Rob Orchard - Delayed Gratification
The world’s first Slow Journalism magazine, a beautifully printed quarterly that revisits the events of the previous three months to see what happened after the dust settled and the news agenda moved on. Delayed Gratification is proud to be ‘the last to break the news’.

Cathy Olmedillas - Anorak
The ‘happy mag for kids’ aimed at boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old and which smells as good as it looks. ‘Brand extensions’ include DOT (for pre-schoolers), colouring books, posters and jigsaws.

Steve Watson - Founder, Stack Magazines
The subscription service that delivers a different independent magazine every month to a growing audience of indie mag fans.

Introduced by Dickon Ross and John L. Walters of Eye – a B2B mag that went indie.


The results were announced at the 2015 BSME Awards Dinner on Monday, 16 November at The Brewery, London.

Here is a selection of images from the evening. 

Scroll down to see the shortlist and winners.


DIGITAL EDITOR - CONSUMER WINNER: Simon Collis – Cycling Weekly, Time Inc. UK

Pat Riddell – natgeotraveller.co.uk, APL Media
Tim Glanfield – radiotimes.com, Immediate Media
Michelle Sammet – spikes.iaaf.org, Haymarket
Marc McLaren – Stuff.tv, Haymarket


WINNER: Dan Jude – Virgin Media Presents, Redwood

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jan Masters – Harrods Magazine, Harrods Magazine

Helen Bazuaye – Ikeafamilylivemagazine.com, August Media
Sarah Alcock – Sainsburysmagazine.co.uk, Seven
Charlotte Swift – Theclub.ba.com, Cedar Communications


WINNER: Lee Hibbert – Professional Engineering, Caspian Media

Tim Hulse
– Business Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications
Michael Jones – Foodservice Consultant (FCSI), Progressive Customer Publishing
Oliver Parsons – Modus, Sunday
Helen Wright – PRO Hair & Beauty, The River Group


WINNER: Rob Attar – BBC History Magazine, Immediate Media

Charlie Turner – BBC TopGear, Immediate Media
Mark Hedges – Country Life, Time Inc. UK
Richard Headland – Which?, Which? Ltd
Gareth Shaw – Which? Money, Which? Ltd



WINNER: Matt Curtis – The Sunday Times Magazine, News UK

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Shazia Chaudhry – The New Review, Independent Print Ltd

Mark Leeds & Paul Tansley
– FT Weekend Magazine, The Financial Times Ltd
Maggie Murphy – Guardian Weekend, Guardian Media Group
Kevin Fay – ShortList, ShortList Media Ltd
John Mahood – Sport, UTV Sport
Natasha Tomalin – Stylist, ShortList Media Ltd


WINNER: Immediate Media Youth & Children's Portfolio for Hands Up! Let's Stop Bullying For All

Tom Fitzpatrick – Construction News, for #loveLIVES
Emma Maier & Heather Spurr – Inside Housing, for Housing Benefits
Martin Robinson ShortList, for My Mentor
Lisa Smosarski & Gemma Crisp Stylist, for Reclaim Your Lunchbreak



WINNER: Rich Newton – Business Life (British Airways), Cedar Communications

Deirdre Hipwell – Estates Gazette, RBI
The Secret Chef – Foodservice Consultant (FCSI), Progressive Customer Publishing
Liz Hamson – Property Week, Metropolis
Adam Leyland – The Grocer, William Reed Business Media


WINNER: Kevin Sutcliffe – VICE News, Vice Media

Emily Wright – Estates Gazette Investor Guides, RBI
Charlotte Richards & Karen Livermore – Fit & Well, Time Inc. UK
Emily Sheffield – Miss Vogue Online, The Condé Nast Publications Limited
John L. Walters – Pulp, Eye Magazine Limited
Isobel McKenzie-Price – theROOMedit, Time Inc. UK


WINNER: Nigel Praities - Pulse, Cogora

Lyanne Currie
- Director, Institute of Directors
Amy Duff -  economia, Progressive Customer Publishing
Calum Di Lieto - HR Grapevine, Executive Grapevine International Ltd
Rachel Barnes - Marketing, Haymarket
Robert Jeffery - People Management, Haymarket


WINNER: Mark Griffiths – Country Life – Shakespeare: His True Likeness Revealed At Last

Will Hurst –
Architects’ Journal – Lumley’s Boris Letter Fuels Garden Bridge Lobby Claims
Steve Fowler – Auto Express – Tesla Model 3
Lewis Kingston – Autocar – How Suzuki Fixed The Celerio
Harriet Agnew & Patrick Jenkins – FT Weekend Magazine – Sexism and the City
Patrick Foster – Radio Times – Clarkson Fracas
Medyan Dairieh – VICE News – The Islamic State


WINNER: Lisa Smosarski – Stylist, ShortList Media Ltd

Sinead McIntyre
– Fabulous, News UK
Rosie Nixon & Ruth Sullivan – HELLO!, HELLO!
Ali Hall – Look, Time Inc. UK
Karen Livermore – Woman, Time Inc. UK
Diane Kenwood – Woman’s Weekly, Time Inc. UK


WINNER: Ed Grenby– The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, News UK

Gillian Carter
– BBC Good Food, BBC Worldwide/Immediate Media
Tim de Lisle – Intelligent Life, The Economist Group
Suzanne Imre – Livingetc, Time Inc. UK
Paul McNamee – The Big Issue, The Big Issue
Tony Chambers – Wallpaper*, Time Inc. UK
Jill Starley-Grainger – Which? Travel, Which? Ltd


WINNER: Robert Jeffery & Chris Barker – People Management Haymarket

Rory Olcayto & Brad Yendle – Architect's Journal Emap
Tim Hulse & Jamie McPherson – Business Life (British Airways) Cedar Communications
Emily Wright & Chris Gardner – Estates Gazette RBI
Emma Maier & Sonny Dhamu – Inside Housing Ocean Media Group
Rachel Barnes, Carl Golsby & Nicola Kemp – MarketingHaymarket
Lauren Dowey & Steven Gibbon – The Review (Gemalto) Wardour


WINNER: Sue Matthias – FT Weekend Magazine, The Financial Times Ltd

Phil Alexander
– MOJO, Q & Kerrang!, Bauer Media
Andy Dixon – Runner’s World, Hearst-Rodale
Caroline McGinn – Time Out London, Time Out London
Lucy Yeomans – Porter, Net-A-Porter

2015 MARK BOXER AWARD WINNER: Tony Chambers, Wallpaper*



WINNER: Anna Winston – Dezeen, Dezeen Limited

Raymond Doherty – economia, Progressive Customer Publishing
Charlotte McEleny – Marketing, Haymarket
Fran Entwistle – Nursing Times, Emap


WINNERSimon Kurs – easyJet Traveller, Ink

Les Jones – Elsie Magazine, Elsie Magazine
James Charlton – Forever Sports, Haymarket
Toby Skinner – N by Norwegian, Ink
Helena Lang – Sainsbury’s Magazine, Seven
William Sitwell – Waitrose Kitchen, John Brown Media


WINNER: Frank Tennyson – Toxic, Egmont UK

Steph Cooper
– CBeebies, Immediate Media
Ruth Cassidy – Something Special, Immediate Media



WINNER: Simon Esterson – Pulp, Eye Magazine Limited

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Martin Tullett – Work., Haymarket

Chris Rowe
– Director, Institute of Directors
Sarah Barnett – economia, Progressive Customer Publishing
Chris Gardner – Estates Gazette, RBI
Christie Ferdinando – Modus, Sunday



WINNER: Jennifer McNally – My VIP (Pets at Home), John Brown Media

Chris Lupton
– Empire, Bauer Media Group
Matthew Hasteley – Foodism, Square Up Media
Paul Solomons – GQ, The Condé Nast Publications Limited
Graham Black – Intelligent Life, The Economist Group
Sarah Douglas – Wallpaper*, Time Inc. UK
David Dowding – woman&home, Time Inc. UK



WINNER: Gillian De Bono – How To Spend It, for How To Give It

Matthew Todd – Attitude, for The Attitude Pride Awards
Ellie Hughes – Healthy, for Bringing Healthy to the Newsstand
Lisa Smosarski, Gemma Crisp & Lucy Foster – Stylist, for Life Lessons
Tony Chambers – Wallpaper*, for Wallpaper* Store
Tony Chambers – Wallpaper*, The Wallpaper* Arcade - Eat Me! Drink Me! Tell Me That You Love Me!



WINNER: Caitlin Moran – The Times Magazine, News UK

Tom Parker-Bowles
– Event, DMG Media
Robert Macfarlane– Intelligent Life, The Economist Group
Anita Bhagwandas – Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK
Alison Graham – Radio Times, Immediate Media
Eva Wiseman – The Observer Magazine, Guardian Media Group
Katie Glass – The Sunday Times Magazine, News UK



JOINT WINNERS: Charlotte Moore – InStyle, Time Inc. UK & Claire Warren – Work., Haymarket

Rory Olcayto – Architects’ Journal, Emap
Sinead McIntyre – Fabulous, News UK
Rachel Barnes – Marketing, Haymarket
Pippa Jacks – TTG, TTG Media


WINNER: Melissa Denes – Guardian Weekend, Guardian Media Group

Andrew Barker – ES Magazine, London Evening Standard
Sue Matthias – FT Weekend Magazine, The Financial Times Ltd
Malik Meer – G2, Guardian Media Group
Gillian De Bono – How To Spend It, The Financial Times Ltd
Nicola Jeal – The Times Magazine, News UK
Sue Peart – YOU Magazine, DMG Media


WINNER: Adam Leyland – The Grocer, William Reed Business Media

Rory Olcayto
 – Architects’ Journal, Emap
Anna Winston – Dezeen, Dezeen Limited
Damian Wild – Estates Gazette, RBI
Emma Maier – Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group Limited
Jenni Middleton – Nursing Times, Emap


WINNER: Lucy Yeomans – Porter, Net-A-Porter.com

Catherine Westwood
 – Essentials, Time Inc. UK
Trish Halpin – Marie Claire, Time Inc. UK
Sue James – woman&home, Time Inc. UK


WINNER: Matthew Todd – Attitude, Attitude Media

Dylan Jones
 – GQ, The Condé Nast Publications Limited
Martin Robinson – ShortList, ShortList Media Ltd
Mark Hedley – Square Mile, Square Up Media


WINNER: Lucie Cave – Heat, Bauer Media Group

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Ben Preston – Radio Times, Immediate Media

Steven Corbett – TV Magazine, News UK
Colin Tough – What’s On TV, Time Inc. UK



WINNER: Melissa Denes & Maggie Murphy –Guardian Weekend Guardian Media Group

Karen Barnes – delicious. Magazine Eye to Eye Media
Jon Hawkins & Matthew Hasteley – FoodismSquare Up Media
Jan Masters – Harrods Travel Harrods Publishing
Lucy Yeomans – Porter NET-A-PORTER
Tony Chambers & Sarah Douglas –Wallpaper* Time Inc. UK
Richard Parris & Mark Massey – Which? Computing Which? Ltd