How To Work With Influencers

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How do we work with social media influencers? Are they friend or foe? How do you spot the good ones? What can they can do for your magazine? What can your magazine do for them?

Social media influencers have become a huge part of our daily lives and, more importantly, the daily lives of our readers. But what does that mean for magazines? Should we be making them part of our content ecosystem? And, if so, how can we partner with the right ones?

On Thursday, 27th June 2019 our panel of influencers and experts discussed the relationship between influencers and magazines. The panel comprised:

Influencers: Alice Liveing, Health & Lifestyle Guru and The MAC Twins, DJs/Presenters

The influencer fixer: Sedge Beswick, Founder of SEEN Connects, an agency that helps brands such as Nike, Jo Malone London and Jack Daniels work with influencers – the right way